Photography by Dan Tran

The Buffing Moose Detailing specializes in paint polishing at a very high level of quality and appeases the most discerning automotive enthusiast. As owner and detailer, I quickly became known for my professionalism and fine works in New Hampshire, and also gained recognition within the car detailing community as an expert in the industry.

Because of the knowledge that I had developed, the quality of professionalism I display is continually exhibited in my work. I regularly engage in learning about detailing chemicals and tools as well as evaluating process and technique. All of this time spent gave me a much better understanding of how individual products and tools work on different paint systems. This also helped me in achieving better overall results.

So based on a natural obsession for car care that I had been growing, it only made sense for me to take all that knowledge and make it into a high-class car detailing service that people can come to love and trust. Since late 2015, I have been constantly hired by automotive enthusiasts for work on their cars as it takes place right from the comfort of their own home.

All in all, I hope to have the opportunity to show you the highest level of service, and to make your experience with The Buffing Moose Detailing great!

Car Care Specialist