Top Best Mobile Auto Detailing in York, ME and The Maine Coast | The Buffing Moose Detailing


— Dan Tran is a high-end detailer, car care fanatic, and automotive enthusiast living in York, Maine.


Out of a rich-beautiful town called York is a purveyor of high-end detailing from the acclaimed Dan Tran. The Buffing Moose Detailing launched late in 2015 and is proudly serving the Maine Coast. Since then, Dan Tran has been specializing in the craft of automotive paintwork polishing and performing the finest car care with unparalleled results.

The Buffing Moose Detailing excellence in performance, expertness, and dexterity all come together flawlessly while revealing a true work of art impressing even the most particular automotive enthusiast. The private detailer offers services from paintwork correction to interior surface details as it occurs at the comfort of your own home.